Manufacturing Plant

The main manufacturing equipment and facilities of ITECo’s production plant include but not limited to:


  • Punching CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) metal fabrication machine.
  • CNC bending machines.
  • NC corner forming machine.
  • Fully automated powder painting plant.
  • Metal spray facilities.
  • Cable trays line machine.
  • All types of cutting machines.
  • Lathe, surfacing, and drilling machines.
  • Plastic injection machine.


Test Equipment

ITECo established a well equipped test lab in its production plants to meet the requirements of proper testing of its products according to the applicable standards. All test equipment are periodically calibrated according to the manufacturers recommendations. The list of test equipment comprises but not limited to the following:

  • Primary current injection tester (2000Amp-30V & 3V).
  • Programmable secondary current injector (100A).
  • HT testers (110 kV AC & 80V DC)
  • Insulation tester (500-2500V).
  • Insulation tester (2.5-5kV).
  • 11kV insulation and continuity tester.
  • TR turns ratio.
  • TR winding resistance.
  • Stick switch telescope.
  • Signal generator for transducer test.
  • Milliwat detector for RTU commissioning.
  • Earth resistance tester.
  • Oil break down tester.
  • SF6 leakage detector
  • CB vacuum checker.
  • Various types of multimeters and clamp meters.
  • Secondary current injection test system (PTE-100-C).
  • Differential relays tester (PTE-300-V).
  • CB analyzer (PME-500-TR).