Package Substation

Compact packaged substations are self-contained galvanized metallic construction, environmentally controlled and comprise MV switchgear or MV termination box, transformer and LV switchboard.

The transformer is close coupled to the switchboard providing a compact and cost effective solution for the electrical distribution system. Kiosk substations can be manufactured in various
configurations to suit the available space and are suitable for use on industrial, commercial and resident complexes.

General Features:

  • Steel structure with galvanized sheet metal housing.
  • Whole kiosk removable lifting lugs.
  • Internally partitioned and thermally insulated.
  • Removable transformer’s compartment roof
  • Efficient natural ventilation system.
  • Corrosion protection through reliable powder coating.

These kiosk type substations can be constructed in different ratings, 11/0.4 kV & 33/0.4 (250KVA to 2000KVA) and any other specifications or features as required
by the client.