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KD4190 Digital three phase sequence indica

It can be used for indicating the phase sequence and checking the open phase of three phase AC power.   Features Can be used frequency range from 40Hz to 60Hz voltage from 100V to 600V of three phase AC power When opening phase, the LED will turn off with buzzing.Timewise arrow and sequence of LED […]


It can be used for measuring earth resistance of various of low resistance conductors and also be used for testing earth resistivity and testing earth voltage Features – 3 1/2 LCD digital display, big screen for easy reading – Capability of preventing disturbance from earth voltage, promise normal test without open the circuit . – […]

MODEL 3124

Permits a wide range of insulation testing up to 100GΩ at variable test voltage from 1kV to 10kV. • DC voltage output for recorders. • Output voltage is shown on the digital display. • After tests, automatically discharges the charges stored in the circuit under test. • Operated by rechargeable Nickel-Cadmium batteries Insulation Resistance DC […]


Application It can be used to measure insulation resistance of various electric equipments, transformers, switches, electric motors, cables, and insulating materials. Features 3 1/2 LCD Digital display for easy reading. It’s portable and easy-to-operate. Low power consumption and powered by a battery. Turn off the supply automatically after about 5 minutes operating time. Provide with […]

ISOL 5000

This used Chauvin Arnoux ISOL 5000 Insulation tester is in very good condition. Set of two original safety test leads, user manual and spare fuse are included. The instrument has been designed for measuring insulating resistance up to 3000 GOhm with testing voltage selectable up to 5kV. Measurements according standards NFC 15-100 and VDE 413.

DMG2671T Digital Insulation/Continuity Tester

Insulation Resistance: Rated Voltage 250V;500V;1000V Open Circuit Voltage Rated Voltage(+20 % – 0 % ) Measuring Range ( 0~19.99) M Ω;(0~199.9)M Ω Accuracy ±( 5 % RDG+2d) Short Circuit Current ≥ 1mA Continuity: Open Circuit Voltage 4V ~ 7V Measuring Range ( 0~19.99) Ω       (0~199.9) Ω Accuracy ±( 5 % RDG+2d) Short […]

The Fluke 376

The Fluke 376 Clamp Meter offers improved performance perfect for a wide range of current measurement situations. With true-rms voltage and current measurements, the Fluke 376 can read up to 1000 V and 1000 A in both ac and dc modes. Additionally, the Fluke 376 includes the new iFlex™ flexible current probe, which expands the measurement […]

Fluke 87V Industrial Multimeter

Built like a brick, the most trustworthy meter I’ve ever worked with my last 30 years in both professional (radar installations etc.) and private (amateur radio stuff etc.) troubleshooting electric and electronic devices… – Martin from Hamburg, Germany. Designed to Identify Complex Signal Problems Fast When productivity is on the line and you need to […]

Fluke 196C ScopeMeter Oscilloscope

For demanding applications the Fluke 196C ScopeMeter series high-performance oscilloscope offers specifications usually found on top-end bench instruments. The Fluke 196C ScopeMeter has a dual input, 100 MHz bandwidth and 1 GS/s real-time sample rate. The instrument also features a high resolution color display and a high waveform resolution of 3000 data points per channel. […]

Quick identification of PD activities in switchgear and cable accessories

The BAUR PD-SGS handheld online PD detector is used to conduct rapid initial tests for PD activities on live switchgear. Potential weak points are immediately signalled acoustically and numerically. • Initial rapid condition evaluation of switchgear and cable accessories during mains operation • Ideal for quick checks of MV and HV switchgear • Two integrated […]